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Get Trading: Volatility and VIX Stock Indices strategies

Learn how to trade Stock Indices and Commodities using the 'fear' gauge!

By Stephen Hoad -  Trader, Technical Analyst, Financial Markets Expert, THE STOP HUNTER

Learn how Volatility Indices such as the VIX, IndiaVIX, VHSI, VCAC, GVX and many more, can help you trade many of the Worlds Stock Markets, Commodities and other financial asset types and apply this analysis to creating your own strategies for trading global Stock Market Indices e.g. S&P500, Nasdaq100, DAX, CAC, Nifty, etc and Commodities such as Gold in various timeframes and using different technical analysis chart types.

Do you want a great sentiment market tool that can give you a warning of the potential future direction of any given stock market or even commodity? Would you like to know how to trade this tool or use it as supporting analysis to your trading? The VIX is the ‘original’ example of this approach. Since then volatility analysis has gone global!

This course looks to give you an understanding of what these Indices are all about and how you can utilise them to give you an edge in your trading.

Assumes some basic knowledge of Technical Analysis and trading. You will need a Technical Analysis charting package that allows you to utilise Volatility Indexes such as the VIX and add indicators, tools and other markets on top of these charts. If you don't have this, don't worry Stephen can point you in the right direction within the course (the free intro Section 1 covers this). If you just want to learn about new methods of applying Volatility Indexes for purely educational purposes and don't want to apply it practically then you wont need a Technical Analysis charting package.

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