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Get Trading: Master Line Break Technical Analysis Charts

For Stocks, Forex, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrency Trading and Strategies

By Stephen Hoad -  Trader, Technical Analyst, Financial Markets Expert, THE STOP HUNTER

You'll learn how to master a unique tool in Technical Analysis - Japanese Line Break charts. You'll learn how to utilise these charts to give your trading an edge and put the odds of success more on your side! Line Break charts will also help sort out your bad trading psychology, add discipline and help you create a more systematic approach to your trading.

Calling the turn (reversals), when trading any financial market, is a notoriously difficult thing to achieve with any given consistency. There are thousands of different technical analysis tools and techniques that try to give you this edge. One of the best and most simple I’ve come across is the Line Break chart.

Line Break charts, due to the evolution of trading and technical analysis software packages can be made into very successful trading strategies and a great accompaniment to your general market analysis.

The line break is a very useful Japanese style chart configuration that takes out a lot of the guess work from calculating turning points and understanding the trend in a chart. It works across all assets and time frames.

The Line Break chart, like its Japanese cousins the Renko chart and Kagi chart, ignores time and only updates when prices move by a certain criteria. It's a fascinating and unique approach to technical analysis that I think can't be ignored.

This is a course for all levels of ability - beginners through to the more experienced interested in learning about another unique concept from the world of Japanese technical analysis.

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