EV3 Trade Signal Ideas

James Kinsley

Day & Medium term ideas offered via a unique 3-pronged multi-asset program consisting of Model, Stand-Alone and Big Picture thematic trades.

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What you will get

  • EV3 offers a unique 3-pronged multi-asset analytical program consisting of:
    12 stand-alone Models covering all major asset groups (FX, Equities & Commodities)
    Daily stand-alone Trade Signal Ideas covering all asset groups, individually as well as in Long / Short Pairs Trading 
    A Big Picture take on all markets that helps provide trade ideas as well as frame longer term market themes 

  • Offers the proprietary trade signal generator Trigger Flow to provide short to long term cheap/expensive Trade Signal Ideas 

  • Offers the proprietary Fast Money Flow indicator to provide an accurate take on the ‘speculative’ market-segment’s view on core multi-asset markets. 

  • Live all day providing analysis, trade ideas and Q&A

  • Proven track record


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Who is the chatroom host?

James has had a long, diversified and successful career in the financial markets as he has worked extensively in the Treasury departments of 5 International Banks in a number of positions. 

He started his career in the Canadian interbank FX brokerage market, servicing FX Traders. Given this taste of what went on in the Trading area, he soon moved over and started his career on the Trading side at the Bank of Nova Scotia. His first position was on the Eurodollar desk responsible for everything from speculative Futures trading to assisting in managing and trading the Asset/Liability portfolio. After this he moved on to trading a currency Forward FX book as well as trading Money Market Futures. 

Another opportunity arose as James then moved to Deutsche Bank. It was here that he was able to further develop his trading skills, but this time with a greater slant towards the workings of the international markets. He got a further taste of the growing global nature of the markets and the extensive inter-dependencies of most all market segments. After a few years James was offered the opportunity to move onto the corporate sales desk to cover accounts in both Money Market and all FX products. It was in this position that he developed his love of identifying and explaining market trading opportunities. He felt fortunate as this position allowed him to remain engaged with the markets while at the same time sharing and providing insightful market analysis. This position sponsored the development of his unique analysis as this was necessary to differentiate oneself in a highly competitive marketplace. Following this, James moved to State Street and then BNP Paribas, again in the capacity of Treasury Sales with an overriding focus on the FX markets. 

It is this experience that has led James to be a chatroom host at ForexVox. For him, this is an ideal opportunity in that it allows him to bring together his market interest and experience in an environment where he can share his unique take on the interrelated markets.

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