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Precious Metals

Trade two of the oldest forms of currency in Gold and Silver, quoted in multiple currencies

What are Precious Metals?

When trading Gold and Silver you're trading two of the oldest and most trusted forms of currency. These markets are physical raw materials that are produced by the earth.

When trading with ForexVox, you're able to trade the global prices of both Gold and Silver. However, as you're trading a CFD you're not physically buying or selling the metals, instead you're able to benefit from the fluctuation in global prices. This allows you to profit whether the price goes up or down.

Investors may choose to invest in precious metal trades to diversify their portfolios, to hedge opportunities or as a safe haven. Spot trading commodities as an asset class often takes place in a bigger, well-balanced portfolio. Trading spot metals creates opportunities to hedge in every liquid market, giving investors more exposure with limited risk. Spot metals are considered by some to be a safe haven.

Why trade precious metals?

  • Easy access to a global market
  • Tight spreads
  • Deep liquidity 
  • Low margins


Symbol Digits Contract Size P&L Currency Spread*
XAUUSD 2 100 USD 23.0
XAGUSD 3 5000 USD 2.1
XAUEUR 2 100 EUR 21.0
XAGEUR 3 5000 EUR 1.9
XAUAUD 2 100 AUD 31.0
XAGAUD 3 5000 AUD 2.9


*Spreads shown are for retail accounts. 

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Example 1

If you were to trade Gold and you bought at $1800 and if the price was to rise to $1825, you would have made $25 on the price of Gold.

If you were to buy 1 CFD lot of Gold, this would result in a profit of $2500. However, if the price were to drop by $15 and you had bought it, you would make a loss of $1500. 

Example 2

If you were to trade Silver and bought at a price of $22 and if the price were to rise by $1 to $23 you would have made a profit of $1 on the trade.

If you had bought 1 CFD lot of Silver, and the price rose by $1, then you would make a profit of $5000. However, if the price dropped to $19.50 then you would make a loss $2500.


Tips about Precious Metals

  • Gold and Silver are traded in ounces
  • They can be quoted in multiple currencies
  • Gold is commonly known as XAU
  • Silver is commonly known as XAG

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