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Maurice Pomery

Dealer Insight

Tap into over 30 years of trading experience and learn as you trade

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Institutional and Retail


 Why take a position? What drives a trade idea?

What moves markets; learn as you trade?

The value of reading research.

Structuring a trade idea.

For retail to institutional traders; the basics are the same.

Discipline and a commitment to a strategy are paramount.

Risk management is vital.

A solid and well-informed strategy will always beat a punt but stick to it.

Trading psychology.

Living with a loss and maximising a profit.

Your Mentor - Maurice Pomery - Career To Date


For over thirty years Maurice has been involved as a trader in different aspects of the financial industry covering a broad spectrum of asset classes; but it is his trading strategy that has brought him to the attention of some of the biggest position takers in the financial world.

Starting in the Commodity markets he then moved into trading precious metals before entering into the Foreign Exchange, Interest rate futures and option markets in the mid-eighties. The experience attained from this background has helped him guide his clientele through one of the most testing financial storms seen in living memory and has attracted a great number of followers in the risk-taking world and trading houses around the globe.

With experience in proprietary trading at UBS and Dresdner bank in the past, he is fully aware of the trading pressures and risk assessments required by risk managers and traders alike. This understanding has secured him a regular place in the financial press and he is a regular pundit on financial television as an expert in his field.

Maurice takes his experience of working at some of the biggest trading institutions and his association with a large group of economists to develop a methodology unique to his firm. Economics, mixed with technical analysis skill-sets and a broad network of information from within the market place produces his strategy. He delivers a dissemination of economic facts, political issues and trading intuition that is paramount for a strong and committed trading view. Strategic Alpha has been going for over 10 years now and clients include many of the bigger banks and asset managers. He has appeared in articles in the FT, has been a regular pundit on CNBC in the past and is now a well-respected mentor. 

The understanding he has with his customers is highlighted by the last three words of his reports which urges them to “Keep the Faith” and believe in the strategy. In this modern, fast changing world, independent research is essential but at the heart of it must be a strategy and show a respectable return for such critical clients. Strategic Alpha is judged by the best in the business and have a long relationship with its client base.


With every twist and turn of the fast moving FX market, Maurice Pomery brings to CNBC his respected analysis and valuable trading ideas. He has the ability to poke holes in the big consensus trades adding an extra dimension to our on-air discussions. His appearances, consequently, are always compulsive viewing.  In addition, his capacity to pull together ideas and concepts from a range of sources means that his comments have a practical application far beyond the world of Foreign Exchange.”

Guy Johnson
CNBC Europe

I have been using Strategic Alpha for many years now, on both buy and sell sides. I have always found the views and global economic insight to be invaluable and added with the forensic analysis of real time markets, this platform is an essential tool for any dealer or risk manager. Maurice has blended a deep, fundamental knowledge of markets, with a incredible capability to apply this to real time situations and adding this holistic overview to any existing macroeconomic strategy makes this an essential product when assessing and acting in the current volatile climate. I continue to use SA on a daily basis and have instigated many successful strategies based, in part, on the inclusion of this product suite.

Graeme King
CEO - Corellian Global Investments

I subscribed to Strategic Alpha’s advisory service from its inception for my Global FX Trading team, and it immediately became our essential ‘must’ read each morning. Providing a comprehensive overview and analysis of both overnight market activity and the day ahead, together with uncompromising directional views across a wide variety of market instruments, Strategic Alpha’s experience and understanding of the daily information a trader is looking for, really sets it apart…

Richard Gill
Former Managing Director - BNY Mellon