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It's Trading Time 

By Federico Sellitti -  Head Mentor at It's Trading Time

Here at It’s Trading Time we’re passionate about two things: Trading and Training! As well as being full time traders in the Forex and Stock markets, we also have over 30,000 students worldwide who learn everything from the basics, to advanced trading strategies, chart analyses and money management. We believe in practicing what we preach, so we use our own money to open real-time trades based on the concepts we teach, and you can follow these trading accounts to get a great insight into the world of full-time trading.

Forex Trading courses

Forex Trading: Your Complete Guide to Get Started Like a Pro

By Federico Sellitti
Head Mentor at It's Trading Time

This is the perfect introduction into the world of Forex trading and will give you a full understanding of how the Forex Market works, and how to trade.

You’ll learn the key concepts of trading such as PIP, lot, leverage, margin, spread, stop loss, take profit and how they are applied...

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