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Beat Nussbaumer


1-2-1 mentoring with the internationally renowned, global market analyst and FX expert

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Beating the FX market since 1985

With over 35 years’ experience, Beat – referred to as a “veteran in the FX industry” by Finance Magnates – has been quoted on Bloomberg, featured in City AM and is in demand by numerous channels for his knowledge and insight.

Now you can experience Beat’s market knowledge, insight, experience and expertise for yourself, one-to-one.

Institutional & Retail

  • For every level of trader, from beginner to advanced, Beat can teach you all that you need to know.

  • Learn the DNA and what moves markets – carry trades, correlations, crosses etc.

  • Learn the most common mistakes among retail traders and see how you can approach things differently, as an institutional trader would.

  • Understand the basic macro fundamentals, central bank policy, politics – make sense of the news and understand the moves.

  • Beat will help you develop your own trading tactics and trading strategies – turn your idea into structured, well managed trades.

  • Technical analysis – understand why it’s a key indicator of market psychology and learn how to use it to guide your trading; learn to use this psychology of trading to implement strategies that will alleviate some of the pressure.

“The more trading tools you have to choose from and the better equipped you are to use them, the more money you can make from your trading.

My job is it to introduce you to as many tools as I can, to help you identify those you’re most comfortable with and to give you the confidence to work with them to achieve what you want from your trading.”

With over 35 year’s experience as Head of FX Spot, Market Maker and Proprietary Trader at Goldman Sachs, UBS, UniCredit, Morgan Stanley and Commerzbank, Beat’s insight and experience can elevate your trading and introduce you to the institutional way of managing risk.

Your mentor - Beat Nussbaumer, career to date

Career summary

Beat started his career in foreign exchange as a Spot Trader at UBS Zurich in 1985. A born and bred trader, Beat started to learn the craft as a young man of 20. The market was a different place back then and interbank trading was the name of the game; less about position taking – other than running risk for just minutes – BUT, even on a regular trading day it was a volume game and required both skill and a thorough understanding of price action. The narrative and the ability to manage risk well – with Beat regularly responsible for $5-$10 billion of transactions a day through the spot desk was the norm. During the 1992 European currency crisis and the infamous ‘Black Wednesday’, Beat’s desk was processing in the region of $100 billion a day.

After 12 years with UBS, Beat was looking to take more proprietary risk and combine his talent as a trader with his skill at understanding what makes FX move, macro fundamentals, correlations, all the crosses, politics and whatever else is in his view.

Moving to London in 1997, Beat was tasked with setting up a Proprietary Desk for Morgan Stanley – but the breakout of the Asian Financial Crisis, with a blow up in Asian Currencies led Morgan Stanley to ask Beat to manage Asian FX thanks to the experience he’d gained in the 1992 European currency crisis. Little did he know at the time just how much this first step into Emerging Markets would stand him in good stead for future correlations in the wider G10 view.

In 2004, Beat took another big step in his career, joining the legendary Goldman Sachs’ Macro Proprietary Desk as Senior Risk Taker, trading with the biggest talents the market had to offer. But the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and subsequent Volcker Rule meant the desk had to close, so Beat left Goldman Sachs, returning to his FX roots – but this time managing Global FX Trading for Unicredit and Commerzbank.

After 30 years trading at the highest levels for the top banks & institutions, Beat set up on his own, managing money for select HNW & Ultra-HNW individuals – and sharing his knowledge, insight & wealth of experience with others through his exclusive tutoring & mentoring programme.

Keen to share his knowledge, real-world trading skills and financial wisdom with other traders of all levels, Beat’s partnership with ForexVox means you too can now experience the difference that learning from someone with Beat’s expertise can bring to you and your trading.