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Alex Krishtop

Systematic, Quantitative and Algo Trading For All Levels

By Alex Krishtop – Founder of Edgesense and chief trading systems architect

Expand your knowledge and improve your trading by learning more about the cutting edge of modern markets: quantitative and algorithmic trading. This is an opportunity to learn directly from a leading market professional in quant trading with over 20 years’ experience.


Topics Covered

Systematic trading and its advantages

Trading psychology: how to overcome emotions using algorithms

Market structure, market participants and their behaviour as source of trading ideas

FX, commodity futures and stock index markets: mind their peculiarities when designing a strategy

Outperforming markets: alpha- and beta-generating strategies

Technical analysis and its use in quantitative trading

News, political events and “unexpected” price movements: how to reduce risk and even benefit from them

Market regimes: how to avoid crashes when prices go “wrong”

Intraday, day trading and long-term trading

Momentum, mean reversion, breakout and statistical arbitrage: most common algo trading strategies

Your first algo trading strategy

Back testing: how to develop confidence in your systematic trading

Performance metrics: honest view on how your strategy works

Optimisation: maximise systemic gains

Curve fitting: the plague of systematic trader and how to fight it

Boost your performance with genetic algorithm: how to optimise very complex strategies in minutes

Money management: from simplicity to sophistication

Portfolio trading: diversify risk to achieve better returns

Risk management in quantitative trading

Your Mentor - Alex Krishtop - Career To Date


Career summary

Alex Krishtop is a quantitative trader and researcher with 20 years of experience in managing funds and developing automated trading solutions. He is currently head of trading and research at his own company, Edgesense Technologies, which focuses on active money management and automated / algo trading solutions. He develops market models and trading algos and supervises the development of the firm’s proprietary trading platform.

In parallel with his activity as a trader and money manager, Alex enjoys a career in teaching and coaching. For the last few years he has worked as a director of education with the Algorithmic Traders Association where he developed an exhaustive course in systematic and algo trading which covers both quantitative models and a discretionary approach based on fundamental factors. Mixed “quantamental” approach explained in this course allowed him to make a number of important predictions, eg. almost the top in oil prices in 2008 and the collapse in FX volatility in 2013-2014 and the following rally in the dollar index.

With customized versions of this course Alex trained employees of several institutions, including Raiffeisen Bank in Vienna, MainFirst Bank AG, Trading Technologies, Sucden Americas and Louis Dreyfus.

Educational programs run by Alex also cover certain aspects of practical implementation and live exploitation of trading algorithms. They are based on his experience as a trader and his advice may help in not only reducing operational risks in general, but also mitigate extreme risks in unexpected and rare events such as “flash crash”.

Alex began his career as a quantitative researcher for projects in natural language processing and speech recognition. He worked at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia and France Telecom CNET, and had scientific research published. In 1999 he switched to analysis of markets and started proprietary trading. Alex focused on quantitative market models and trading automation which helped reduce emotional bias in trading and consequently, reduces human factor risk. By the early 2010’s he became a partner responsible for FX trading at a quant hedge fund in Israel and also the head of systematic FX trading at a private equity management team in Zurich. After these sucesses he decided to completely focus on proprietary trading and developing his own firm.

As part of his activity Alex occasionally contributes to magazines such as Modern Trader, FX Algo News, eForex, Hispanic Trader and has been interviewed by eForex and Euromoney.

Alex participated as a guest speaker at conferences and seminars organized by Banca Sella and Borsa Italiana in Italy and held webinars and online courses with Algorithmic Traders Association and Market Technicians Association.