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Adam Harris

Tech Trader

Personal mentoring by an industry expert of 12 years

Become a better trader – learn from an industry expert


Institutional and Retail

Trend-trading for beginners and intermediates – multi-market, multi-time frame approaches

Evidence-based practical trading for both full-time and part-time traders

Evaluating key fundamentals

Achieving consistency and self-awareness

Swing and Day-trading approaches

Execution strategies for the retail trader

Money management – risk models for the retail trader

Forex, Commodities, and Equity markets

Price Action mastery

Trading Psychology

Your Mentor - Adam Harris - Career To Date


Adam Harris transitioned to trading the financial markets in 2008 after he sold his successful post-production film company and moved to London from South Africa.  This previous career in visual effects provided him with a solid foundation for technical software, and skills requiring both artistic and scientific approaches.

Adam’s change of career led him to focus on trading as it solved several personal needs – the ability to work from anywhere in the world, provided no income ceiling and was largely recession proof. His re-education covered several programs in London, progressing to trading his own capital and finally to include client funds. Adam applies a blend of both traditional, discretionary trading as well as algorithmic strategies. 

As trading regulated funds only occupy a small portion of Adam’s daily life, he also provides technical analysis content for a select few institutions globally, such as the Futures Institute division of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (C.M.E.) the Intercontinental Exchange (I.C.E.) and he also provides technical analysis content, through Trade With Precision, for a select few institutions globally, and mentors a limited number of individuals each year. He attributes his success to taking advantage of opportunities across different asset classes including, Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, Bonds and Indices.

Through the ForexVox portal, he looks forward to bringing his real world trading experience, technical analysis expertise and unique mentoring techniques to an exclusive client base.

I was fortunate to attend a webinar by Adam titled Five Advanced Techniques for Trading. I liked how Adam highlighted the basics, price action, support and resistance reinforced by Fibonacci. I am moving into retirement and come from a background of long term value and position trading, moving into shorter term trading mainly looking at daily/weekly charts. I was getting bamboozled by all the different indicators, systems, platforms, strategies. Adam helped me focus, which I am extremely grateful for. Thanks.

Stephan H.

This is a recommendation for Adam Harris's trading and mentoring skills. In my opinion, he is nothing short of brilliant. I had had a bad set of experiences with a former broker and training company. Even though I desperately wanted to trade, my mind and my focus were completely scrambled. I could read the charts and price action, but couldn't put any of it into a trading context or coherent strategy. I also had a fear of "pushing the button" when placing a trade. Adam believed that all of this could be put right; that putting together all of the ingredients to "make the cake", just needed a nudge in the right direction. He was spot on. He completely refocused my thinking and gave me confidence. Adam has a straight-talking, no bull, no nonsense approach, which comes from his own personal trading journey, which I like. The principles which he suggests should be followed, can be followed by anyone, given a period of practice. Adam has renewed my desire to trade and I am very grateful for this. If anyone out there is struggling or wondering why their trades are not working, definitely get in contact with Adam. He sorted me out, and he can do the same for you!

Lynn Shoubridge