Automated Forex Trading Course

By Petko Aleksandrov -  Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy

Automated Forex Trading involves trading with 99  Expert Advisors in one account. Moreover, the author updates the course with fresh new 99 Expert Advisors every month. Together with relevant robots for trading, students will get to learn how to create EAs without programming skills.

This course is designed for traders at all levels. Clear instructions on how to place the Expert trading Advisors on MetaTrader and placing those on a separate trading account are provided. This automated Forex trading course also includes clear examples and realistic results that are shared. 

Automated Forex Trading Course Features

  • Trading with 99 EAs in one account
  • Placing the Expert Advisors in the MetaTrader platform
  • New 99 EAs every month as a Free Update
  • No programming skills or trading experience are needed
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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