Top 10 GBPUSD Expert Advisors Course

By Petko Aleksandrov -  Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy

This course is aimed to teach people to trade on Forex with no prior experience at all. The author will also teach to create hundreds of Forex strategies and filter the best Forex Expert Advisors. GBPUSD is chosen for the course since it brings stable profits in Forex algorithmic trading, and the spread is small with all brokers. Besides, the author, Petko Aleksandrov, promises to show the performance of the EAs with +700 pips in 5 days. 

During the course, students will train to trade with many Expert Advisors in one trading account. They will analyze the performance and choose the best advisors. So, a trader will be able to select the most suitable EA exactly for his needs and apply it in current market conditions. If some advisors become unprofitable and not relevant, a trader will know what to replace them with. 

Top 10 GBPUSD Expert Advisors Course Features

  • Forex Algorithmic trading without programming skills
  • Choosing the best Forex Expert Advisors
  • Suitable both for beginner and experienced traders 
  • Trading GBPUSD
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